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System Level Design 

System level design is the organization of the functional elements of the product into logical and physical blocks.

The product's architecture begins to emerge during concept development.  This happens informally in the sketches, function diagrams, and proof of concept prototypes of the concept development phase.  The architectural decisions now must be formalized after the final product concept has been selected, but before detailed design begins.  This occurs during the system level stage of development.​

4 - System Level Design 1 (Richard)
  • High Level Electrical Design

  • High Level Software/Firmware Design

  • High Level Mechanical Design

    • Construction Process Selection

    • Material Selection

    • Thermal Management Design

    • Individual Piece Part Definition

    • Computer Aided Design Modeling

"It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple; to truly understand the challenges and come up with elegant solutions" - Steve Jobs

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