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Production Ramp Up

This last stage is a key element in PDE's development process.

We understand that for your product to be truly successful, the design process must result in successful manufacturing.  Design alone does not always secure that. We believe that manufacturing involvement early in product design will pay significant dividends later during the production cycle.

Production Ramp Up

Right from the beginning of the design phase we keep factors such as manufacturing costs, volumes and availability at the forefront of our thinking.  Even before the detailed design starts we will help you choose the right technologies and manufacturing processes that are appropriate for your product and market requirements.

PDE works with you to source and qualify appropriate components, tooling, manufacturing and assembly suppliers using our wide network of contacts.  We work closely with the chosen vendors to ensure a smooth transition to manufacturing and then continue to support you through the new product introduction and pre-production cycles.  Not until your product is in full production do we consider our job complete.

"Real Artists Ship” - Steve Jobs

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