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Concept Development

The concept development stage contains a number of phases, each of which is key to the success of the product.


This is the stage that requires broad scope thinking.  Changes made at this stage are the least expensive but can have the largest impact. 

Concept Development

The Concept Generation phase of product design may be defined as formulation and refinement of product appearance, function and features.  Concept generation includes a mix of an external search and creative problem solving within the electrical and mechanical team.  Having the complete team in close proximity is a big benefit of the PDE process at this phase.  Various product concepts are explored taking into account the product's intended use, environment and target market.  At this stage product features are categorized as essential versus nice to have.  Electrically and mechanically, each of the functional blocks are estimated for physical size as appropriate.

  • Establish Target Specifications

  • Analysis of Competitive Products

  • Concept Generation

  • Concept Selection

  • Quotation & Project Schedule

"Practise safe design: Use a concept" - Petrula Vrontikis

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