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Software Design 

At PDE, we focus our software and firmware development activities on embedded systems.  Our blend of firmware and hardware expertise has been developed as a strong part of our commitment to complete, integrated product design.  


To address the need for deeply embedded, custom Linux applications we have created our own Linux build system called PDEKIT which supports many popular processor platforms such as Sitara and i.MX.

PDEKIT is well suited for applications that require connectivity, IoT, Video, battery powered handheld devices and more.
We are continually maintaining PDEKIT to improve and add features creating a highly tested and capable Linux distribution.


We have integrated an RTOS (real-time operating system) into several products and developed low-level drivers so that our clients can embed their applications in the products our hardware design groups have developed.


Of course, we have expertise in both assembler and "C" for a large number of 8,16 and 32-bit micro controllers.  We have also worked with clients in USB (universal serial bus) architectures and can provide similar services for other protocols where a solid understanding of firmware and hardware issues is critical.  We can also provide a code review service and specialize in firmware and hardware integration issues. 

“I consider PDE part of my development team.  Plenty of outside contractors talk about partnering and teaming, but PDE actually pulls it off.”

     David Taylor, PhD, President, Setter Research, Inc.


  • Systems architecture

  • Protocol and interface design

  • CCD and camera design

  • Sensor development

  • USB and Ethernet

  • Low Power Wireless protocols (Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wi-Fi)

  • Battery management 

Microcontroller Design  

  • ARM (Cortex-M)

  • TI (MSP430)

  • Atmel (AVR)

  • Microchip (PIC)

  • Cypress

  • Intel

Embedded Microprocessors

  • ARM (Cortex-A)

  • Xilinx Zynq (Microblaze) 

  • Altera (NIOS II)

  • X86 (AMD Geode)

  • NXP/

  • Barista (PDE custom SOM)

  • Variscite (AM335x, i.MX6, DART6UL, MX7)

  • BeagleBone (Black, Green, Wireless)

  • Raspberry Pi (Ver 1, 2, and 3)

  • Shiratech (Cortex-A5)

  • Samsung Artik (530)

  • Xilinx (Zynq-7000)



  • Agriculture IoT

  • ​Automotive system controller

  • Distance measurement  system (RTLS)

  • Computer peripherals

  • Precision Alignment Device

  • Emergency speaker phone 


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