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Industrial Design 

All successful products start with a great idea.  Although it is a good start, if the ideas are not translated into products that work and sell, then you've wasted your time and opportunity.

At PDE we believe that the process of transforming those ideas into solid products starts with Industrial Design.  Features, functionality, usage, environments, manufacturability and reliability are just some of the criteria explored to gain a complete understanding of those ideas and how they relate to the product’s goals.

Then, armed with a complete understanding of what is needed, our design and development teams can start the detailed process of making it happen.

“In providing excellent design, which in fact created an award-winning product, (still state of the art years later) they were so ready to listen to our needs that they seemed to be part of our group.”

     Barry Logan, President, Squirrel Systems of Canada Ltd.


  • Market research

  • Competitive product analysis

  • Product trends



  • Concept development

  • System architecture 

  • Product identity 

  • Aesthetic styling 

  • Material exploration 



  • ​Sketches and renderings 

  • 3D Prints

  • Products mock-ups and models


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