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Project Start

PDE has developed and refined a design process over several years that is divided into a number of discrete stages, each with several tasks or phases. These phases may overlap and some projects will not require all of the stages in order to achieve a successful design.  Each project is customized and this design process defines the framework used for each project developed by PDE.

PDE also uses a gating review process to determine the success of each stage and design reviews are planned to monitor the significant phases in the project.  The client is involved in this process continually; we believe communication is the key to successful product design.

Project Start

"The one thing I think the show has done poorly: it’s convinced too many people it’s about the idea. It’s not about the idea; it’s about the execution. It is all about the attention to detail, the pride in craftsmanship and all those types of things.” - David Chilton on Dragons’ Den.

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