Fathom™ Hub

Fathom™ represents the next generation in Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) technology, utilizing Bluetooth to enhance asset tracking systems with 2m indoor location accuracy.


The gateway to Fathom’s innovative Real-Time Location System is the Fathom Hub - a precision-engineered, directional Bluetooth radio receiver - which is combined with the subscription-based Fathom Control software platform, residing in the cloud.  Each Fathom Hub scans for BLE devices and multiple hubs are “stitched” together in the cloud to form a virtual BLE radar mesh.

“PDE provided the hardware design, development and NPI support that empowered our in-house team to successfully complete the Fathom Hub project.”

Guylain Roy-MacHabée, CEO, Fathom Systems Inc.

Pacific Design Engineering

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Burnaby, BC

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